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tribute to chuck brown. the d.c. music legend died yesterday. he was 75 years ode. chuck brown was born in north carolina but he made his name on the d.c. music scene in the '70s. literally made his name over because he went to jail as one thing and said never going back to jail. i'm going to be chuck brown and never went back to jail as that name. in 2009 part of 7th street near t street northwest was renamed chuck brown way. he played live concerts up until last year. he was even honored by the national symphony orchestra last september. >> when anybody you meet talks about chuck brown they instantly smile. you'll notice that. a crowd gathered outside the howard theater last night for an impromptu vigil last night to honor chuck brown and it wasn't a sad event. it was a celebration of his music and a lot of people were dancing. chuck brown called his music go- go because it just kept going. he created the continuous beat to stock the dance floors at the clubs from clearing out. >> delia goncalves is live at the studios in maryland with more on the legacy. good morning. >> reporter: g
:18. back to you. >> thank you, monika. >>> 6:10 now. today begins the public goodbye to chuck brown. the godfather of go-go music died nearly to weeks ago at the age of 57. >> in just a -- age of 75. >> in just a few hours, a public viewing begins. delia goncalves is there live with a preview. >> reporter: good morning. we have our first fan who has come here to line up for what is expected to be a really historic day. michael barry, you' originally from d.c., a native, love go-go i'm assuming. you drew this picture of chuck brown. >> yes, i did. thank you. >> reporter: tell me why you came out today and what does this mean for you? >> i remember standing in line to go to some of chuck brown's go-goes, many of the venues around town when i was younger. not even so much younger. but he's a historic part of the city. i really wanted to be here this morning to pay tribute to him. >> reporter: i was remarking before it seems like everybody has a picture with chuck brown. and that shows you just how much he loved his fans. he took time out to take a picture with everyone. tell me about w
are expected today for a memorial service to chuck brown. it's a final goodbye to the man behind the d.c. sound of go go music. >> the doors won't open for hours but a big crowd is expected to show up early. delia goncalves is live at the convention center with a preview. good morning, delia. >> reporter: good morning, mike. a huge crowd expected. you can see that crews have already arrived setting up the barricades for the event that is likely to draw thousands of people. the doors open at 10:00 a.m. you can expect a rush of fans heading interest the doors to get that prime spot. we're told the doors will close when the capacity is reached and that's at 14,500 people. music will certainly mark the service with artists like sugar bear taking the stage. about 10,000 fans lined up for tuesday's viewing and so many more are expected for today's funeral services. chuck brown died two weeks ago at the age of 75 after four decades on the music scene. the creative -- brown taught himself guitar after spending time in jail as a young person. he was released and literally reinvented himself with a sound
jay von brown was missing. he went missing at 11:00 a.m. sunday. so take a look. it's been a long search for a lot of them. he lives in this apartment complex with his mother, between 13th and 14th. police are staged in the parking lot. that is the last spot where he was seen. he was playing right outside in that parking lot sunday morning. take a close look at the picture of six-year-old jay von brown. when he was last seen, he had on a green t-shirt with a white t-shirt underneath, blue jeans, red and black shoes. his grandmother, tina brown, is pleading for her grandson's safe return. >> i came up here at 9:00. to find him and i have been looking since. i just want him to come home. if anybody have him, if anybody see him, just bring him home. >> reporter: you can imagine what this family is going through. i'm told by other members of the family that jay von lives with his mother and his mother has sole custody of her son. his father is in jail, so there is no other family member who could have taken off with him. they were hoping if you take a close look at the picture, you wi
maryland state trooper wesley brown. trooper brown was killed outside a forestville, maryland restaurant in 2010. williams could get life in prison. >>> the washington national cathedral is going to dedicate its carving of rosa park. it joins other carvings honoring those who fought for social justice. the dedication will take place with a choral concert at 5:30. >>> radio station wpgc is calling for a prayer today for chuck brown. the d.c. go go music legend is fighting pneumonia. the station is asking people to say a prayer at noon for brown's recovery. >>> according to one report, president obama had planned to announce his support for same- sex marriage before the democratic national convention this summer. >> but political reports vice president joe biden's announcement sunday that he supports same-sex marriage forced the president's hand. either way president obama's announcement is what people are talking about this morning. >> delia goncalves is live outside the white house with more on the story. good morning, delia. >> reporter: good morning, mike. a lot of analysts in fact say
. we'll see you starting at 7:00. >> we'll be watching. >>> the public viewing of chuck brown had to be cut short last night. police cleared the crowd around 8:30. they didn't want anyone to get hurt in the storms which moved through. thousands of people visited howard theatre tuesday to pay their respects to the godfather of go go music. brown died two weeks ago. he was 75. the scene resembled a street party, something people say brown really would have enjoyed. >> a great man that brought the city together through music. >> rest in peace, chuck. we love you. it will never be the same without you. ♪ feel like busting loose >> can't not love that music when it comes on. there will will be a public service for chuck brown tomorrow. doors open at 10:00 and the memorial begins at noon. >>> a police officer from the town of culpeper, virginia has been indicted on murder charges. >> prosecutors say he's to blame for the shooting death of patricia cook earlier this year and they say this was no accident. >> delia goncalves is live in our satellite center with both sides of this story.
them to then mayoral candidate sulaimon brown. he also confessed to lying to the f.b.i. about destroying a ledger showing the payoffs. sentencing date has not been set so far. >>> the presidential election is just over five months away and the campaign trail comes to our region today. presumptive republican nominee mitt romney will be at the chamber of commerce later today. he'll address the latino coalition's 2012 small business summit. the event begins at noon. >>> romney is closer to clinching the nomination but not quite there yet. he won the primaries in arkansas and kentucky yesterday. he now has 1,065 delegates but that's still 79 shy of the amount needed to secure the g.o.p. nomination. >>> montgomery county wants to build a new bus system across the country, and you could pay for it whether you ride it or not. the county is planning 160-mile rapid bus transit system to complement the radio network. -- radio network -- ride on network. it could mean a hike in taxes. if it's approved the county believes the system would take nine years to build. >>> vdot says what drive
with investigators. gore will admit later today to paying off french mayoral candidate sulaimon brown and then destroying records that proved it. >> vincent gray's campaign specifically mayor vincent gray gave me cash and money orders to maintain my campaign for mayor, cover living expenses, and attack then mayor fenty during the 2010 mayoral race. >> if there were people engaged in wrongdoing, they need to be held accountable. >> it's deeply doubling. i know al gore who has done a lot on behalf of the city. he's always been a really good guy so the charges are shocking. >> reporter: that is tommy wells reacting to the charges and the impending plea deal. as you may remember, several gray staffers have been let go, released from their jobs here at the wilson building because of this controversy but certainly thomas gore represents the first person who's been officially charged and is likely to serve some jail time because of it. coming up at 6:30, more on a future of the city after this controversy coming up in a half- hour. back to you. >> thank you, delia goncalves reporting live ou
a clone suit on him, -- clown suit only. >>> still to come, the family of chuck brown tells us the real reason the miewrk legend -- music legend is in the hospital. >>> would you like to get an xbox for just 99 bucks? jessica doyle tells us you can do it but there are strings attached. >>> in loudoun county, belmont ridge road is closed between hay road and route 7. it's been that way since early this morning because of a serious crash. authorities are on the scene. i'll have more on that situation coming up in my next report at 6:30. you're watching 9news now. stay with us. >>> welcome back. your weather first on this tuesday morning. out on the weather terrace very comfortable. skies partly to mostly cloudy. some of you are seeing the sunrise this morning. here's a look at our day planner. we're going to be dry for the morning commute. some sunny breaks. temperatures by noon in the low it not mid-70s of the we get to the mid- to upper 70s depending on how much sun we can eke out and there is going to be a threat for the afternoon hours. showers and thunderstorms probably mid- to late
. >>> the public will have a chance to say farewell next week to the late chuck brown. the godfather of d.c.'s gogo music died last week. >> great song. we miss chuck already. on tuesday there will be a public viewing at the newly renovated howard theatre. the theater is on a street which is also ceremonial renamed for chuck brown, chuck brown way. it will run from 11:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. on thursday there will abpublic memorial at the washington convention center. it begins at noon. ♪ talking about busting loose ♪ [ male announcer ] it would be easy for u.s. olympian meb keflezighi to deposit checks at the nearest citibank branch. ♪ like this one. ♪ or this one. ♪ or, maybe this one. ♪ but when it's this easy to use citibank mobile check deposit at home...why would he? ♪ woooo! [ male announcer ] citibank mobile check deposit. easier banking. every step of the way. >>> it's 6:43. 72 degrees friday, memorial day traffic. i kind of knew that traffic would be a little bit easier than normal this morning with everyone kind of gearing up for the weekend and heading out the door a little
. terrell brown takes a closer look. >> reporter: when maryland's governor martin o'malley signed the bill to legalize same-sex marriage in maryland, michele stood behind it. you in the picture? >> yes, indeed. >> reporter: she and tracy taylor, her partner of 20 years plan to marry in their home state when it becomes legal in january. >> if something was to happen to me, i would want tracy to be able to colectomy death benefits, be able to carry out my last will. >> reporter: but now they face a problem. opponents of the law are collecting signatures trying to get a referendum on the november ballot to overturn it before it takes effect. so far 30 states have amended their constitutions to ban same- sex marriage. in maryland some of the strongest opposition to the law has come from the black community, about 30% of the population. >> god said that in every home there needs to be a representation of his glory to manhood and femininity. >> reporter: pastor harry jackson believes same-sex marriage undercuts the strength of family traditions. >> black families in general are on life support.
. california governor brown talks about the $16 billion budget gap. >> before that we have one more check of traffic and weather. keep it right here on 9news now. >>> welcome back. 6:58. your weather first. gorgeous weather today and tomorrow. and i think sunday too. although there's a slight chance a coastal storm sneaks in here late sunday instead of monday. but temperatures 7 today to 80 over the weekend. >>> monika? >>> we had a very business morning traffic wise but things are much, much better. a live look from sky 9 on the inbound side of 66 to the beltway. outer loop just slow in silver spring, one last live look on the northbound side of i-95. jess? >>> wall street looking higher but of course you know the thing everybody is looking out for today? >> greece? >> facebook ipo. so we'll watch that. >> all right, "cbs this morning" and we have been remembering donna summer and we're going to close with a little more donna summer music. >> have a great weekend. rest in peace donna. ♪ [ captions by: caption colorado, llc 800-775-7838 email: ]
all kinds of great bands. the one disappointment is that chuck brown because he's been battling an illness and still recuperating won't be there. but on your logo, you have our history and experiences and then you and the question, what have we learned? you were talking about dick gregory being there and his experiences, what have we learned? how would you answer that question? >> the harlem renaissance was an incredible period from 1920 to 1930. there was this you know recognition of what was called the new negroly lane lock. you had duke ellington and langston hughes. that's what's going on today and we're connecting that and you wouldn't have the civil rights movement if it wasn't for the harlem renaissance and frankly you wouldn't have you know this kind of conversation in our community if it wasn't for the civil rights movement. and so we connect these and then we figure out then how we building community today and what better way than to celebrate the renaissance. >> all right, particulars where's it going to be and free? from it's free. >> that's the best part. >> just wa
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